A place for tiny homes

Tiny Tranquility resident Marc Ashmun is pictured in front of the tiny home he shares with his wife. (Photo by Cheri Brubaker)

WALDPORT — Mark Ashmun was going to build a tiny home, but the one he and his wife live in at Tiny Tranquility south of Waldport became available and was already in place. Some manufacturers have a long wait time to build, up to a year or more, he explained.

The people who had been living in it, a couple with a young child, moved back to the East Coast.

Large by tiny home standards, Ashmun’s Escape Traveler is about 350 square feet. Tiny homes, said Ashmun, are generally between 20 and 30 feet long.

Ashmun, like most residents of Tiny Tranquility, was drawn there because it was a community of tiny homes.

Some of the residents would like to move onto a parcel of land, though that is often difficult because of zoning and land use issues, said Josh Palmer, owner and developer of Tiny Tranquility.

There are 43 lots at Tiny Tranquility, nine of them available as nightly rentals. All are rented; most occupied by tiny homes.

It appears like any other neighborhood, streets with houses, all unique. They’re just smaller.

“It was designed and conceptualized for tiny homes,” said Palmer. Technically, it’s an RV park, but Palmer calls it a “tiny home park.”

“There seems to be a lot of folks who come through, and they seem to be very complimentary,” Palmer said of the reactions he’s received. “There were a couple neighbors who had reservations. I think their initial fears were allayed.”

Palmer didn’t conduct market research, rather he had a sense that the concept would work. So many people seemed to want to live in tiny homes, but there weren’t legal places to site them, he explained.

When asked about plans for future tiny home parks, Palmer said, “I’m thinking about it.”


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