A circuit court judge with the right experience

When an employer reviews resumes for an open position, their focus is typically on a candidate’s recent five years of experience to determine who is familiar with the job and who has the most current knowledge and skills.  

In the last three years, I have worked with both candidates for circuit court judge. Ms. Benjamin as a deputy district attorney and then a circuit court judge pro-tem. Ms. Buckley as a divorce attorney before recently being appointed as a circuit court judge. While both candidates have the degree qualifications for the position, I know that Amanda Benjamin is the most qualified candidate.

Marcia Buckley was an effective divorce attorney but worked in a state of constant chaos, as if there was always some fire to extinguish before getting to a certain result. We need a consistent, reliable and professional circuit court judge who is capable of working under pressure and who will always do things the right way. That candidate is Amanda Benjamin.

When Amanda Benjamin was a deputy district attorney, court staff used to read her briefs and motions and were always impressed by her intelligence and preparation. Her attention to detail and thorough research was impressive and consistent. Amanda Benjamin was well respected before becoming a circuit court judge pro tem. Once she became a pro tem judge, we found that the same work ethic and passion followed her to the bench. She has proven to be a fantastic judge, is respected by the legal community and court staff and is supported for election by Presiding Judge Thomas Branford, Judge Sheryl Bachart and retired Judge Paulette Sanders 

I hope that you will cast your vote for Amanda Benjamin in November. She is clearly the right choice for circuit court judge.

Lidia McClung