24-hour gym to open in Toledo

Owners Paul and Jamie Steenkolk are looking forward to their opening on Sept. 3. (Photos by Gloria Tucker)

Toledo will soon have its own gym, Fitness Express, located at 171 NW A Street.

Co-owners Paul and Jamie Steenkolk plan to open the 24-hour gym on September 3.

“We are 100 percent Precor,” Paul Steenkolk said. “We have cardio and strength training equipment.”

Jamie Steenkolk said registration is online at www.workouttoledo.com.

“There will be a key fob for people who sign up as well as a code granting access to the door,” she said. “We have security cameras that are on 24 hours, and we’re right next door to the police station. The lights automatically turn on, so as long as there’s movement, the lights will stay on. Our parking will be well lit as well.”

Paul said classes won’t be offered at first, but may be added in the future.

“We hope to encourage and improve the health and wellness of our community,” Jamie said. “We hope to provide the community with a gym without having to drive out of town.”

Paul said they decided to open their first business because they enjoy working out too.

“We wanted something more convenient for us,” he said. “We hope if it will be more convenient for us, then it will be more convenient for others as well.”

Besides fitness enthusiasm, both Jamie and Paul have backgrounds in health and wellness.

“Paul has two bachelors degrees in athletic training and corporate wellness,” Jamie said. “He was the athletic director in downtown Eugene for awhile. My background is management and administration in the medical field, and I am a nurse.”

Jamie added another goal is to keep the gym affordable by offering discounts for annual and corporate memberships as well as no initiation fee.

Monthly membership is $25 a month for the first six months when people sign up in September. Otherwise, membership is $29 on a monthly basis. Membership will be open to anyone 18 years old and older. Youth ages 14 and up can have access as long as they are accompanied by an adult and have a waiver signed by a parent.

“We want to invest in our own community, and we’re really excited to share this adventure with our community,” Jamie said. “We want to encourage people to check us out. We’ve made the gym bright and welcoming, and we look forward to meeting folks.”


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